Arlington Pool Service is a premier pool service and repair company for our valued residents of Arlington, Texas. Here at Arlington Pool Service we know that your pool is your sanctuary, so we are 100% dedicated to maintaining a perfectly clean oasis for you to enjoy each and every day. We serve any and all pool service needs including:

  • Commercial or Residential
  • Traditional Chlorinated Systems
  • All Pool Related Repairs
  • Salt Water Systems
  • Green-Pool Restorations

You can be sure each and every one of our technicians not only has the experience but the knowledge to keep your special environment looking flawlessly clean. We implement our reasonably priced maintenance plans with such ease and efficiency that when you look at your pool you will swear it was brand new.  We carry out the following:

  1. Balancing all of the chemical levels
  2. Cleaning the pump system
  3. Vacuuming, brushing, and netting the pool
  4. Providing any professional recommendations
  5. Applying necessary chemicals your pool needs for balancing

In the hot summer Texas weather there is not much better than BBQ with a few refreshing splashing or dips in your pool while the ribs finish off. Having your pool ready for these special times can not only be an exhausting task but if the job is not done properly thousands of dollars can be wasted. The small monthly investment to let us meet your pool maintenance needs is money you will be glad you spent! We are a local small business that values our customer service ethics above all so give us a call now and become a part of a quality pool service in Arlington, Texas.

We will assume that if you’ve come across our website, it is with the intention of finding out the how’s and why’s of obtaining a swimming pool that is properly maintained, safe, detailed, and beautiful…and you’re in luck!

You see, our company has a goal, and that goal is to be the best there is in the Arlington area, and to do that we need you. This turns our relationship into a mutually beneficial one. The better service we offer, the more customers will want to use that service, and around we go, in a circular pattern of great service, and great customers, and it begins with you!

Our company has endeavored since it’s inception to build a business reputation that relies heavily on core values that offer you the best possible D.E.A.L.:

  • Dependability
  • Expertise
  • Accountability
  • Lasting Impressions

In every job we do for you, big or small, we implement and maintain these core values to offer you and all of our customers the highest quality service possible. By employing dedicated and knowledgeable technicians, personalizing each plan to your needs, and backing up our service with easy to understand guarantees without all the fine print. We believe that every customer should feel valued, and genuinely appreciated, and you will feel the same from the moment you call.

We Know Pools

Maintaining a clean and fully operational pool is not only aesthetically pleasing, but contributes heavily to the safety of your swimming area, the control of algae growth, the efficiency of your various systems, and perhaps most importantly, reduces costs by requiring fewer repairs and replacements.

Our certified repair technicians, operators, and cleaning crew know pools as well as they know themselves. They have made it their life and livelihood to be able to quickly and efficiently carry out any necessary orders, from skimming to full re-installation of major systems. There is no item too big or too small for us to handle with all the accorded care you deserve.

We invite you to call, at any time, to find out more about the wide variety of services we offer, pricing, emergency calls, or any questions you have regarding your pool. We are here at your service, and to offer you the best quality workmanship in town. And we invite you to join us, as we journey to becoming Arlington’s #1 pool service company.