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We offer a Full Service clean which targets everything listed as well as the other services described on this page:

  • Brushing Walls and Steps
  • Brushing Connected Spa
  • Vacuuming the Pool/Spa Floor
  • Net Skimming Surface Water
  • Net Cleaning Pool Floor
  • Basket Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Chemical Levels Check
  • Backwashing DE Filters (Price May Vary)

Equipment maintenance is probably the most important step in owning a safe, enjoyable and beautiful pool. In a very close second place on the list of importance, is proper pool cleaning on a regular schedule. Cleaning your pool on a regular schedule not only delivers a pristine and gorgeous looking pool, but also keeps at bay larger problems which can develop with time.

Algae thrives in unclean environments and spreads to disastrous levels faster than you would believe. Your filters can weaken in strength, and potentially tear. Your pH and chemical levels can be thrown off resulting in unsafe water conditions. Debris collecting in your pool can pose a safety hazard for anyone swimming, and aesthetically, your pool will simply begin to look uninviting.

We believe that not only should your pool look like a location you want to be inside, but that it should also be a safe and enjoyable environment. Which is why we offer regularly scheduled and on call cleaning services for your pool. We know that by delivering a top notch cleaning service, we are not only investing in your pool, but we are investing in our clients, which is the lifeblood of any responsible business. This is why the cleaning service we offer is not viewed a matter of “do it as it’s needed”, but “do it so it’s done right”. Meaning we aim to offer proactive services rather than reactive.

What you can expect from our cleaning service is dependent on the type of pool you have installed. For those who posses a screened pool, cleaning treatments are lighter due to the protection offered by having a cover over your pool. Typically only necessitating a skimming of the surface and bottom of the pool, chemical check, and a few other minor cleaning services.

Particular services may vary dependent on the type of pool you have, which types of pre-installed cleaning instruments you have, and your type of filtration. As with anything, your pool environment is unique, and so are the needs associated with cleaning it. This is why we offer differing cleaning packages to suit your needs.

As well, with a simple phone call to our customer service rep, we can discuss and detail exact specifications when it comes to your regularly maintained cleaning services package. We design every cleaning package and schedule around exactly what you would like to get out of the service. Whether you need more attention to your pool in certain periods of time (Spring/Summer more so than Fall/Winter), or would like to set up a more active cleaning schedule with multiple visits per month, we have the capability to suit any and all of your cleaning needs.

When it comes to the maintenance of your pools longevity, and your safety and comfort in your pool, there is hardly anything more valuable than a progressive and preventative cleaning schedule. So don’t hesitate to give our offices a call today, so we can discuss every aspect of your pool cleaning schedule. Your pool will give back to you with the care you put into it, and we strive to deliver a thorough and enviable cleaning service to guarantee your happiness, health, and continued patronage with Arlington’s premier pool experts.