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Have you ever brewed a pot of coffee? The coffee filter serves it’s purpose, it holds in the grinds, while letting the water through transforming it to a cup of joe. Have you ever considered brewing your next pot without removing the filter? Just adding more ground coffee to it and running it again? Wouldn’t be very effective (or taste very good) would it?

Your pool filters operate on much the same level, they run the water through them, collecting debris and allowing clean water through. After a certain age point though, all of that collected matter begins to add up, and you start to experience diminishing returns on it’s effectiveness. Not only can an overloaded filter cease to work properly, but you also run the risk of damaging the filter itself.

It is much cheaper to clean a filter than to replace one. Our qualified pool technicians know what an operable filter looks like, and by trusting their expertise, you are investing in your financial future by extending the life of your filtration system. Call today for an inspection and estimate on your pools filters, and not only rest assured that you will continue to have clean clear water in your pool, but continue to do so in a much more cost effective manner.