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In our quest to provide Arlington with the best possible service when it comes to pool cleaning, maintenance, and instillation, we believe that a major step in becoming a prominent company is to not only offer reliability, but also accountability. Which is why we stand by our work with a multifaceted service guarantee.

Most companies nowadays offer broad worded blanketing terms when it comes to workmanship guarantees, often hiding contradictory clauses in fine print somewhere tucked away where it’s figured customers will never find it. As an old fashioned company built on a foundation of hard days work for honest pay, we also remain old fashioned in upholding our guarantees.

Rather than using broad terms such as “satisfaction guaranteed” or “you’ll love our service, we guarantee it” we outline our promises in easy to understand, and easier to uphold wording so that we are both on the same page before work even begins. In a world inundated with fine print, red tape, and hidden clauses, we aim to give you a guarantee we both can stand by.

Guaranteed Water Balance

Whether you subscribe to our Full Service cleaning, or Partial Service cleaning plan, we guarantee our technicians will balance your waters chemical and pH levels at no additional cost. In order to enact this guarantee, your pool and it’s equipment must be in proper working order, and is provided so long as the cleaning itself is not interrupted.

*Note* There is a factor in offering this guarantee which is known as TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids. In layman’s terms, start-up chemicals such as Calcium and Cyanuric Acid with build up over the years, perhaps requiring a full or partial pool drainage and refill. Also, as your pool should be fully or partially drained and refilled every few years to keep said chemicals from building up, this factor is not covered by our Water Balance Guarantee.

Guaranteed Maintenance Report

Your pools maintenance report is much like an immunization record, or report card. It is a check list kept up to date by our technicians in order to keep track of each step of service for each visit. It is the responsibility of our service technicians to keep a proper record on your property for your information and ours. If you find that any of our service reports have not been properly seen to or filled out, then you must notify us immediately (Within 12-36 hours) and inform us, at which point we will dispatch a technician to your home to verify the report.

If the report is verified and indeed neglected, we will initiate a full refund (100% of payment received) for the undocumented visit. If there are more than one undocumented visit, upon confirming by viewing the report ourselves, we will refund each and every undocumented visit. As well, if your report goes missing, we will refund the last known undocumented visit. We take proper documentation very seriously, and you can rest assured we will back up our work.

*Note* Your maintenance report must be stored in either the pools equipment timer, or control system box, as these locations are waterproof, and weather proof. In order to enact on this guarantee the report must not be tampered with in any way, and kept in it’s proper location unless otherwise agreed upon for storage in another location.

Algae Free, we guarantee!

How much do we guarantee you ask? If you are on our Full Service or Partial Service Cleaning plan, then we guarantee that we will seek out and eliminate any algae found in your pool, free! The only stipulation to this guarantee is that you maintain your proper equipment maintenance, and that the pool is in good physical condition (ie: no pits, cracks, landscaping in the pool). That’s it!