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Just a few benefits of owning a pool in Arlington, Tx are BBQ’s, exercise, and relaxation but if we were all honest keeping the pool ready for these events is hard work and sometimes complicated. Residents are turning to Arlington Pool Service to ensure their pools are clean and properly maintained. Give us a call and you will quickly see that we have the highest of standards for the basic maintenance elements as well as repairs.

If your pool’s needs reach beyond cleaning services then our experienced technicians can install, repair, or replace new parts needed. Let our experienced team of technicians utilize the latest technology in equipment and cleaning techniques to help your pool look its best. Our highly trained professionals perform the following tasks to make sure your pool stays sparkling clean:

  • Clean all skimmer and pump baskets
  • Vacuum
  • Skim any and all debris from surface
  • As much brushing as needed to entire surface
  • Refill any chlorine tablets
  • Adjust chemicals as needed

in our ongoing quest to provide Arlington with the best pool services option you can find, we are aware that it no longer behooves one to be a “one trick pony”. In today’s market, you have to do everything, and you have to do it well. Which is why starting from our hiring process, we aim to find the best individuals to tackle each specific job, in order to always have the right tool for the job, so to speak.

So on top of our concurrent service packages, we also offer an extensive array of extra and on-call services to suit your needs. Whether you need a singly days work, or to figure out why your pump is slowly maneuvering across the lawn every time you turn it on, we have an extensive staff list in order to deliver a quality and speedy resolution to any issue you may have.

                  Our extra services include, but are not limited to:

Spring Cleaning

After a winter season, or having been out of town and unable to maintain your pool area on your own, we have a great team specifically dedicated to spring cleaning and pool season opening. This crew is extremely well versed in all aspects of spring cleans, and know exactly what it will entail to get you swimming in no time.

Repairs and Installs

Our repair and install technicians are second to none, and we stand by their work in totality. Not only do we swear by their capability, we guarantee it. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your repair or install quality, we will return and redo the job free of charge, or if after our own inspection, come to realize our technicians didn’t do the job to 100% satisfaction, we will refund you in total. No hassle, no arguing, just satisfaction.

Drain and Clean/Acid Wash

The most time consuming job when it comes to pools is a full drain and clean, the words themselves leave most anticipating weeks without a pool, and we don’t believe that should ever be the case. Our cleaning crew works diligently to get your pool drained, scrubbed, refilled and rebalanced in haste, and with attention to efficiency.

Filter Cleaning

Your filtration is important to your pool, and so by proxy, it is important to us. Our technicians will see to the removal, cleaning, and replacement of every filter in your pool, even the ones you didn’t know you had. It is our aim to deliver a service that goes above and beyond your expectation.

For pricing, and more information, don’t hesitate to call our offices today where we will be more than happy to get you on your way, and in your pool.