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poolfun2If your pool were a person, the equipment connected to it would be the various body parts and systems that keep it operating to it’s fullest capacity. Much like we have our circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems, your pool contains chemical systems, filtration systems, and filters to ensure that not only is everything running smoothly, but also in a clean and healthy state.

With proper maintenance and upkeep, these systems work in unison to provide you with a safe and beautiful swimming environment, if one or more of these systems malfunction though, the repercussions could range from dirty water, to a possible health hazard, to needing large and expensive repairs in order to reverse the damage.

Our certified pool technicians are well-versed and knowledgeable in all aspects of your pools equipment systems and work diligently to ensure that your equipment is running at peak efficiency to provide your pool with all it’s necessary services. Whether on an on-call basis or on a monthly repair and maintenance schedule, we have the right package for you to be able to rest easy knowing that your swimming environment will not only be clean, safe and well maintained, but also know immediately if any equipment is on it’s way to needing repairs or replacement.

Skimmer Baskets Checked and Emptied

                  Having a clean skimmer basket is integral to the overall health of your pool. If the basket becomes overfilled or clogged, it, in turn, causes your pump and filtration systems to work harder. Running the risk of snowballing the effect from a full basket, to multiple equipment systems failing. By ensuring your skimmer basket is always properly maintained and emptied, you are investing in a cleaner pool area, properly functioning filtration, and avoiding further repairs or maintenance.

Pump Strainer Baskets Checked and Emptied

                  Your pump strainer is responsible for stopping any large pieces of debris missed by the skimmer, or sucked up through the piping into the pump assembly. If your pump strainer is clogged or overflowing, then debris can make it’s way into the impeller and cause your pump to seize or break, turning a small cleaning job into a costly repair.

Sweep Finger Screen/Wall Screen Checked and Cleaned

                  A finger screen is a small and often overlooked screen connected to either your automatic pool filter, or on the wall fitting of the pools plumbing. Typically this screen can become clogged after a filtration clean, or during a backwash.

Valves Monitored/Suction and Circulation Adjusted

                  The circulation system in your pool is much like the circulatory system inside each of us. It is responsible for circulating water, with dirty water doing out, and clean filtered water staying in. There are many aspects of this system, valves, suction locations, etc than can become clogged or damaged. Any O-rings that fall out of shape, or blockages can widely affect your pool much like with our own veins and arteries. Proper upkeep, maintenance, and preventative measures on your circulation system will keep your pool running smoothly, giving you many years of use.

Filter Backwash: DE (Monthly) Sand (Weekly)

The filter itself is the primary element in your filtration system, and dependant on the type of filter you have installed in your pool, warrants the amount of times per season it should be cleaned. Your filters are essential to maintaining crystal clear waters in your pool, and we pay close and exacting detail to them to guarantee the best possible water to immerse yourself in.

Sweep Operations Check

                  Even if you own an automated sweeper for your pool, chances are you’re not especially versed in diagnosing or repairing any issues that may arise from them. Our technicians are well-versed in the sweepers specifications and will ensure that it is working, and continues to work to it’s full capacity.