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After a winter of sitting underneath a tarp, or a vacation away for the spring and summer, there comes a point in almost every pool owners life where they step outside, look into their pool, and wonder where the bottom of it went.

“If the water’s green, it’s time to clean” is a good little poem to remember, and if your pool has gotten to the point where you can no longer see the bottom, a simple chemical clean will no longer cut it. As well, the time and cost of trying to chemically clean from that point isn’t nearly as wise a choice as a drain and clean.

For a situation such as this, our technicians will undertake a multi-step process to bring your pool back to life. Firstly, draining the pool and brush cleaning out any debris on the bottom, second comes an acid wash for the pool bottom and surrounding tile (this will safeguard your pool from existing or recurring algae issues), thirdly refilling the pool, and lastly getting your water back to a proper chemical and pH level for safe swimming.

Resurrect your pool in a few easy steps with a drain, wash, and clean.